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Transform workplace barriers into opportunities

In this era, workplace negativity is the biggest problem that higher officials at any level of a workforce face. Initially, it started without any cause building to an apex in just a few seconds, automatically turning a productive employee workforce into a hostile mob where its focus is away from...
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The promised future of voice integrated applications

Imagine living in an environment full of technological devices that can communicate with you and act according to whatever you say. That is the future that we are looking forward to. A future completely dominated by voice-controlled smart devices! Voice assistants will help people who are incapable of moving, people...
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Team Tweaks Diwali Celebrations 2019

Diwali is the magical time to celebrate with the ones who matter to you. We are enriched with the surprise gift from our “M-AUTO” client.On behalf of all employees of Team Tweaks Technologies, we wish Mr Mansoor and his team “HAPPY DIWALI”.

Efficient Android app frameworks for your easy use

In this digital platform, the enormous Android development framework offers the code-builder with a list of effective tools which are developed to increase productivity by solving complicated issues all over the world. Here a list of comprehensive frameworks & detailed Android architecture is explained for the further development of projects....
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