Conveying methods for a virtual accessing things

IoT communication

The internet of things handles most of the responsive sensor systems but to store those data it needs proper and reliable communication in a short-range over low power consumption. This communication device is kept in many places with the connectivity of Bluetooth, Wifi, Zigbee or wireless Ethernet.

Reason to choose lower device

Analyzing through various communicative platform we have to choose this ultra low power device named Lora which supplies 1.5 V with a long distance of about 10km through he12 Zigbee connectivity. When it comes to Bluetooth, wifi, and other connecting substance are lesser than Lora.

Sharing of data

Lora wan operates in an unlicensed radio spectrum with more restrictions that are often country-specific. It poses a challenge of wide-area networks to be a uniform connection in different regions. The device is redesigned through r&d service while sharing or sending data between the source and destination. While sending or receiving data it peaks high showing the variations which make ease to know when there is an occurrence of transmission.

Longer usage

When two different locations need a transmitting of data we consider one location as a parent board that needs wifi or GPRS connectivity for the exchange of data whereas the child board is fixed with Lora wireless fidelity that makes the connection stronger while transmitting bulk data.